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Why do people use makeup?

Beauty and makeup artistry is done in a way that presents the best characteristics of a person.

People wear makeup to look younger, the skin looks clean, physically healthy and promotes sexual arousal.

Makeup is not only about physical enhancement, it is also about psychological enhancement.

Makeup has the ability to change the face and make someone look younger.

It can hide our imperfections and enhance our best characteristics.

fashion industry

Makeup artists work in the media, some in the fashion industry to get people ready for the camera, make models for magazines and shows and others work in salons and get people to weddings and other important events Let’s prepare.

Researchers argue that people are born with natural detectors of beauty as part of our inherent biological drive to give birth.

A symmetrical, young face is more attractive than an older one, for example, as it reflects a better potential partner.

Mascara, Eyeliner, and Eye Shadow enhance the eyes and show big on the face.


The blush embosses the cheekbones and makes them look higher and more pronounced.

The lipstick plump enhances the lips and makes them more defined. Seeing, that’s what you need to learn to provide for them.

The foundation and concealer portray smooth skin and emulate youth. Someone with basic knowledge of makeup can enhance their features.

However, a makeup artist can change a person completely by changing every specialty.

Celebrities use the best makeup artists in the world, to create a perfect personality for the world to see, every time they go out.

Studies have been done on the male response and perception of women wearing red lipstick.

When men are applying red lipstick, it takes 7.3 seconds to look at a woman’s lips.


Studies show that men’s brains with higher levels of estrogen explain larger eyes and fuller lips and are therefore better potential Studies show that men’s brains interpret larger eyes and fuller lips with higher levels of estrogen.

Full lashes and big eyes are a desirable look for many people.

Therefore, this is something you will need to master. The first thing you notice when you see someone is their skin, lips and eyes.

Skin that glows and cheeks that are pink portray health and youth. Rosie Cheeks gives a feeling of innocence, beauty and sensuality.

Blush also exudes cheekbones and makes them look high.

You can cover flaws with a good concealer and foundation.

They fill in fine lines and wrinkles and present clean and glowing skin.


The foundation works well when it matches your skin color, which can be different at different times of the year.

Makeup artistry includes creating a simple natural look, a nightclub look and a more creative, artistic appearance.

The skill is there, when the makeup artist wants to make the customer ‘look’.

There will be times when clients want to look natural for a photo shoot, look like a runway model, or achieve an artistic effect.

You have to work with your client’s particular bone structure, skin tone, and facial features.

It can be difficult to create the look they want and you will need to practice and improve your skills.

The main reason customers want to wear makeup is to enhance their good features and shade or to hide their deterioration.

This is where corrective makeup techniques come into play.

Customers not only wear makeup to look better, but also feel better about themselves.

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