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Natural skin

Skin is a protective shield of the human body. Skin care is our first duty.

The first thing you see or you see that someone is their skin, lips and eyes.

Skin that glows and cheeks that are pink portray health.

Pink cheeks give a feeling of innocence, beauty, and until you go overboard,

So that you look embarrassed, pink cheeks will enhance your look.

The blush embosses the cheekbones and makes them look high. It draws attention to the eyes and gives the person a youthful and feminine appearance. There are not many people who do not want clear, smooth skin. It makes you look healthier and more beautiful.

The best makeup artists can find ways to hide flaws and create a clear canvas for their work.

First, let’s know what skin type is. Overall skin

mature skin

After 35 or 40, the skin becomes mature i.e. gradually becomes loose or yellow.

Now you can identify your skin in this way. But here are some easy tips.

Normal skin

The green primer Rasiya counteracts redness from this acne.

The light purple color removes the counter tone, while the pink color complicates.

“If you later lubricate the primer, your skin can absorb your moisturizer.

Start with a clean and moist face. You should wash and dry your face before applying foundation.

If you have dry skin, apply moisturizer before applying foundation.

Because their color is complex.

The best way to find the perfect foundation is to match your skin

You can try using many different colors simultaneously. Will help you achieve a very natural look with the foundation.

Cool, warm or neutral this should be the same color as your foundation undertones, your foundation color.

Jewelry test

Try to see which jewelry you like on both sets of jewelry.

If both types of jewelry flatter your complexion, you have neutral undertones.

Finding the right makeup for girls with darker skin can be a challenge.

Makeup that enhances your beauty can give you confidence for a wonderful moment.

Highlight your nose by brushing a thin line under its bridge.

Fill in the area between the eyebrows with diagonal strokes.

Blend in the highlighter with your fingers. Tap or massage the highlighter in your skin.

You do not need to use too much force. There are many different reasons why people wear makeup and there is scientific evidence behind these reasons. Click here for more information


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