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Various forms of cosmetics have been used for centuries to enhance beauty.

Promoting better health and religious rituals.

These products may have been used in the past for more practical reasons,

Such as protecting the skin from the sun, for beauty and establishing class.

Historically, people have changed their appearance and made their features more attractive,

Used the things they had.

It can be more as a living tool for young women


Those born with thin lashes to find a mate.

It was a belief that women with full eyelashes were more fertile and therefore a better partner.

Makeup was also used to highlight one’s position in society.

Makeup played a huge role in the eyes of ancient civilizations.

The Great Pharaoh wore eye makeup to increase his power

And women wore it to enhance their beauty.

It was a symbol of power and prestige. Makeup has not changed in modern times.

Those who are not in power will have to wear makeup to gain respect.

However, many people living in Limelight wear makeup almost everywhere.

She has created a personality through makeup

They wear it whether they are going to the grocery store or they are going to a movie.


These days those people have to wear makeup in front of the camera,

Who want to see themselves on the big screen – including men and women.

The makeup may have changed from hazardous to hazardous materials to safe products, but the overall concept has not changed.

People are changing the way they look for generations
To become more attractive, to increase his stature in society and to feel better about himself.

The positive thing about makeup is that it does not physically change your look.

In Thailand, metal rings are grown around the neck of some children every year,

So that eventually it can enlarge their neck.

In some African tribes, circles are placed on people’s lips to increase the size of their lips.

In the US, cosmetic procedures are performed each day to replace everything from lips, eyes, nose, buttocks, and waist.

Makeup can change the face without any physical changes.

The issue of makeup is still debated among feminists.

However, most believe that women should either decide to wear makeup without feeling inferior or have the right to not.

There is a perception that the cosmetics industry portrays a negative message,

Which means that women need to hide their flaws or be “fixed”.

People worry that younger women wear makeup, sending the wrong message to the younger generation.

When women are doing makeup, it is difficult for them

How do they do their work?

For example, a student gets a zit the day before the big audition for a school play.

This student may decide not to participate,

Fearing that this zit would be noticeable and would make them appear ugly.

However, if they use some concealer and foundation,

So they will not worry about the zit and instead focus on nailing the audition.

Most of the time, younger adults experience the greatest number of acne outbreaks.

Use makeup
By using makeup, they are able to hide their flaws, so that it does not make them feel inferior.

When they do not do justice to their flaws, they begin to believe in themselves.

Later in life, they will likely not combine their makeup with a sense of self-acceptance.

They will simply believe that they truly deserve the attention and admiration of others, because that is what they are.

There is a common misconception today that men do not like women who wear makeup, because they see them as being fake.

The British Parliament passed a law in 1770 that made makeup a crime and became synonymous with witchcraft.


He mentioned how men were fascinated by a fake notion of how women were represented.

However, these days, there are many men who prefer women to wear makeup, who do not.

Studies have shown that women wearing makeup in a social setting are more likely than those who do not.

Those who are not wearing makeup.

Men today are using more makeup than in the past.

Concealer and foundations that hide flaws, men are more liked today.

Makeup is a unisex operation that benefits some men.

Especially those who like women more.

However, there is no clear evidence that,

Most men will start using makeup as much as women.

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