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History of cosmetics

Cosmetics-of-history: Using different forms of cosmetics to enhance beauty over the centuries,

Promoting better health and religious rituals.

The Great Pharaoh wore eye makeup to increase his power

And women wore it to enhance their beauty.

Cosmetic products

Cosmetic products have sometimes evolved from the use of hazardous and hazardous materials,

But the overall concept of using makeup has not changed.

People have been changing the way they look for generations.

To become more attractive, increase your stature in society

And to feel better about themselves.

The positive thing about makeup is that it does not physically change your look.

In ancient Egypt both men and women masked their body odor

And used ointments and aromatic oils to soften their skin.

Natural substances like: thyme, myrrh, marjoram, lavender, lily, peppermint, chamomile, rosemary, rose, aloe and cedar

And oils such as sesame, almond and olive oil, were used to make perfumes.

Oils and creams were used to protect people’s skin from strong sunlight and dry winds.

Oil and cream

Castor oil was probably used as a balm.

Used to protect lips and skin and in many skin creams.

Women in Egypt use Galina Mesdemate –

A bright green paste, made of ore, copper and malachite –

On his face, his eyes were almond shaped for definition and color.

In ancient Egypt, women used a combination of oxidized copper, burnt almonds, copper-colored ore, ash, lead, and ocher.

In ancient China, people used gum arabic, wax, eggs, and gelatin to stain their nails;

This would represent their social class. The lower classes were not able to wear nail color.

Ancient greece women

Ancient Grecian women used white lead to cover their faces

And then used crushed mulberry as a blush.

They used oxen hair for fake eyebrows and used rice powder to whiten the faces of Japanese and Chinese citizens.

Henny dyes had cut facial hair, black teeth and eyebrows.

Lead powder or chalk was used by the Grechians with their face white and red iron to ocher clay as lipstick and barley flour and butter were used by the Romans to cover / treat the pimples.


They used lamb fat and blood to paint their nails.

Mud baths became popular with the Romans

And some men got their hair blonde.

In Elizabethan England, people dyed their hair red.

He also used egg whitening spread on his face,

So that a peller complex can be created.

In Europe cosmetics were used by aristocrats.

France and Italy started manufacturing cosmetics.

At the time of Elizabethan considered the blonde to be “angelic”.

They used to mix alum, black sulfur and honey and dry the hair after coloring it.

To create a youthful look for middle-aged women in Edwardian Society

Pressures lead to increased use of cosmetics.

Acceptance and popularity began to increase.

Max Faktore (later renamed Max Factor).

Moved from Poland to Los Angeles in the early twentieth century

And she started producing and selling her makeup line,

Which was very popular because it was not a cake on the skin or cracks.

Movie stars

Many movie stars used it,

Because it worked very well under hot studio lights.

By the 1920s, the cosmetics industry was growing and advertising spending had increased dramatically.

In 1927, it was around $ 390,000 and increased to $ 3.2 million by 1930.

Tube Kajal made its way into the 1950s mainstream.

During the late 1960s and early 1970s, a second wave of feminism swept across the United States.

Feminists insist on women abandoning any such thing,

Allowed them to subdue men.

Many women wore makeup to advance in the workplace.

This gave him the edge he needed to take more seriously.

Cosmetics companies

Some people use cosmetics companies’ marketing techniques and

Are important for the genderization of women.

Apart from using cosmetics for strength and wooing they are used to cover skin blemishes and build confidence.

Some men, especially those in the public sector, also to improve their appearance

Use of cosmetics.

A beauty makeup artist performs a variety of tasks.

Fashion or media

Many work in the fashion or media industries, looking for models, presenters and artists.

They can work on makeup for actors for films, television, theater, photo shoots and concerts.

A makeup artist will listen to the needs of their customers and then work to create such a look.

Which enhances their natural beauty and works well with their hair and other factors.

It may be important to understand how lighting affects the look of makeup.

Makeup artists will usually talk with the client,

So that they can make sure they understand what they are going for and then make it for them.

However, once an artist is working with a client for a while.

They may know what to do for them without any direction.

As a beauty makeup artist, to give you makeup tips,

One will experience an array of responsibilities, from advice to product recommendations.

You have to know the most popular brands and department store brands.


How to use different application techniques and different types of makeup

You will need to know this.

This means that you need to use those products and techniques

Those you cannot use individually.

The more you know, the better.

Not all people will look good in all colors and you have to know how to effectively determine

Which colors work and which ones to stay away from.

This means that you get the maturity of the client’s personal skin,

One has to know enough to be able to apply makeup for the skin type and face shape. Because a makeup artist performs in such extensive venues.

A beauty makeup artist can get paid by the hour or by the project.

So it is difficult to reduce the salary limit.

It is hard to say how much you can make Because all these jobs are for you.

What do you charge and how much do you push yourself.

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