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Cosmetics worldwide


The Egyptians cultivated beauty and first used it exceptionally.

Cosmetics are used to enhance natural beauty.

In ancient Egypt, henna and kohl were used as cosmetics.

Hence berries are used on the skin, lips and eyes.


Kohl’s makeup was made by mixing a black mineral called galana with animal fat and sulfur.

Women's cosmetics on pink background

It created heavy lines around the eyes, protected the eyes from strong sunlight and served as a remedy to reduce eye inflammation.

The Egyptians had wrinkle treatments that used fresh Moringa and frankincense gum.

Use of natural cosmetics

The ax, sycamore juice and red ocher were used as ointments for burns and wounds.

Around 1400 BC, Queen Nefertiti used henna to turn her nails red and wore attractive designs on her face.

About 50 BC, Queen Cleopatra set up a cosmetics factory near the Dead Sea for her personal use.

Ancient Africans chewed licorice root sticks,

frankincense and herbs for better breath.

Eye beauty

In ancient Persia, kohl was used to deepen the edges of the eyelids.

Arab tribes that converted to Islam had banned cosmetics in some areas.

Today there are no restrictions and if they do, they use cosmetics not made from harmful substances.

A tenth-century teacher, Abu al-Qasim al-Zahravi, considered cosmetics a medical branch and called it “the medicine of beauty”.

His sermons mention perfume, incense and fragrance.

In China, Princess Jong, the daughter of Emperor Wu of Liu Song, started a new tradition because a plum flower fell on her forehead.

So increased her beauty and soon became a new trend.

In Japan, Kusum Kusum’s petals made lipstick and paint for eyebrows, eyes and lips.

Binsook wax sticks were used by Geisha as a base and to lighten the compound, bird droppings were used and Rice powder was used to color the face and eye sockets.

Long makeup

Serga 1600 BC, the Chinese aristocracy of the Shang Dynasty, paint their nails in an ebony or crimson color, using a mixture of gum Arabic, beeswax, egg white and gelatin.

The development of makeup has come a long way. New methods have been developed and old ones that were unhealthy have been removed.

So overall, the concept is the same.

The industry has developed ways to enhance beauty. Makeup is a way to remove imperfections and refine natural beauty.

Evolution is not over for the improvement of technique.

Today, companies are working hard to develop products that are even better.

They work to make it more convenient and eliminate common problems.

Kajal companies are constantly changing their formulas.

So that kajal can be used.

While eliminating clumps and also designing products that will last all day.

Companies are working to create products that address the signs of aging.

It enhances the self-esteem of women and sometimes men from all over the world and from all walks of life.

Many apply makeup every day to achieve a certain look, such as big eyes and lush eyelashes, plush lips and rosy cheeks.

There are many different styles. People want to look better and constantly strive to improve themselves.

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