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Corona a truth

The corona epidemic is prevalent in the world today.

What causes the epidemic, where did it come from and why is it a matter of research, but in the present case, the world is terrified of corona. 

The situation is grim in many countries

The fear of the disease will continue until the right vaccine is found.   

Although there is currently no definitive cure for the condition, patients are being cured by other methods.

There appears to be a modified change in treatment methods but they are all predictable.

In the current treatment system, if the patient is cured then it is fine, otherwise death is certain.

People with high immunity recover faster. Immunity is lower in every person and with age, so a person over the age of 60 has to be more careful.

Currently, all agencies are working to address this situation, but it is clear that all agencies working day and night are government.

This means that only government agencies come to the rescue in times of crisis.

Now, however, the public and the government have a chance to understand that government agencies are better than private agencies or people. (Some exceptions)

So whatever industries or agencies are there, they should all be government.

At present, privatization is highly pretended, but Corona has exposed both private and government agencies,

proving that government agencies have been successful.

Corona taught a lot and is also obliged to learn.

Both science and superstition agency have become apparent.

That is, science is a government agency and superstition is a private agency.   Science has prevailed in this and superstition has proved ineffective.

Although Corona has caused panic in the society, but other diseases have been overcome.

During this time no one has got cold, cough or fever Corona is the reason for this.

Because at this time everyone was living at home,

stopped eating and drinking outside and we were saved from diseases caused by eating outside or in the open.

plus point

Before the coronas there used to be a rush of patients, but today you can see how uninhabited all the clinics are.

This is a plus point.

It has to be accepted that Corona has made the whole world pollution free today.

Pollution has caused a lot of damage from its effects on the environment and human life,

and has curbed the diseases caused by pollution.

This is possible with the corona.

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