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signs of kidney failure

Kidney performs many essential functions in our body such as clearing blood, strengthening bones, balancing waste products and building red blood cells.  But due to many reasons, this most important part of our body gets spoiled.  Some common causes such as diabetes, kidney failure, increased blood pressure, excessive intake of analgesics, smoking, drinking alcohol, notContinue reading “signs of kidney failure”

5 signs of dehydrated skin

Dull Skin Do you feel like no matter what you do, your skin still feels dehydrated? Dehydrated skin may be caused by things like pollution, unhealthy diet and harsh detergents – and that is something you can fix! Find out 5 signs of dehydrated skin and what to do about it! Does your skin lookContinue reading “5 signs of dehydrated skin”

History of cosmetics

Cosmetics-of-history: Using different forms of cosmetics to enhance beauty over the centuries, Promoting better health and religious rituals. The Great Pharaoh wore eye makeup to increase his power And women wore it to enhance their beauty. Cosmetic products Cosmetic products have sometimes evolved from the use of hazardous and hazardous materials, But the overall conceptContinue reading “History of cosmetics”

Why do people use makeup?

Beauty and makeup artistry is done in a way that presents the best characteristics of a person. People wear makeup to look younger, the skin looks clean, physically healthy and promotes sexual arousal. Makeup is not only about physical enhancement, it is also about psychological enhancement. Makeup has the ability to change the face andContinue reading “Why do people use makeup?”