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signs of kidney failure

Kidney performs many essential functions in our body such as clearing blood, strengthening bones, balancing waste products and building red blood cells. 

But due to many reasons, this most important part of our body gets spoiled. 

Some common causes such as diabetes, kidney failure, increased blood pressure, excessive intake of analgesics, smoking, drinking alcohol, not taking balanced diet, drinking less water, heart disease, more anxiety.


A person has to face many problems due to kidney failure. Those seen as symptoms of kidney failure. 

The following symptoms of kidney failure appear right from the beginning,
Those who can be identified and get rid of this serious disease soon!

Changes in the amount of urine – 

If you get less or more urine than daily, do not take this problem lightly. 

A person often gets small amounts of urine due to kidney problems,

While some people get yellow colored urine at night. 

Some people feel the pressure of urination but do not. This is a clear indication of all kidney failure.

Burning during urination – 

If you have severe pain with urinary tract irritation while urinating, it is due to urinary infection and presence of more waste products in the urine.

 If you are struggling with such a problem, be careful, because either you have a urinary infection or your kidney is going to get damaged soon.

​Difficulty in breathing –

When the kidney becomes bad, the body of water starts increasing. 

This water gets deposited more in the lungs than other organs. 

Due to the excessive amount of water in the lungs, breathing becomes difficult. If you suddenly feel chest heaviness and difficulty in breathing, then this is a clear indication of kidney failure.

High fever with cold – 

If you have a high fever with a shivering cold or keep on going – this is a clear indication of the kidney not working properly.

Smelling urine –

 If you suddenly start having a strong smelly urine for a long time, it means that the kidneys are not getting their work properly. 

That is, she is going to be spoiled. 

Change your diet immediately.

Frequent vomiting – If a person has frequent vomiting with severe stomach pain, this kidney symptom indicates kidney failure. When this happens, see the doctor immediately. 

Note that this condition can be caused due to many reasons

Like indigestion, due to production of toxic substances in food, etc.

Swelling in some parts of the body –

If the kidney gets bad, some parts of the body,

Such as swelling around the waist, eyes and especially the feet.. 

This is due to increase in the amount of uric acid in the body.

​Difficulty in passing urine – In the case of kidney problem, the patient may urinate frequently.

Or he does not get urine for a long time, due to increase or decrease in the amount of water in the body.

Change in color of urine – 

Usually the color of urine changes many times, but this happens only for a short time. 

But if such a long time goes on, then it indicates kidney failure, in such a case, the color of urine becomes thick.

Feeling of frequent urination – When you start to feel frequent urination, but not having it affects your kidney.

Severe abdominal pain – 

If your stomach suddenly has unbearable pain on the right or left side, see your doctor immediately. 

This is a big sign of kidney failure.

Protein in urine – If protein starts coming in the urine, it indicates kidney failure. In this case, the color of urine can change, such as yellow and dark orange. In addition, there is thick or foamy urine, which indicates proteinuria.

Skin rashes and itching – 

Although these symptoms are symptoms of many diseases,

But due to the formation of toxins in the body due to kidney failure, it starts rashes and itching on the skin.

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Natural skin

Skin is a protective shield of the human body. Skin care is our first duty.

The first thing you see or you see that someone is their skin, lips and eyes.

Skin that glows and cheeks that are pink portray health.

Pink cheeks give a feeling of innocence, beauty, and until you go overboard,

So that you look embarrassed, pink cheeks will enhance your look.

The blush embosses the cheekbones and makes them look high. It draws attention to the eyes and gives the person a youthful and feminine appearance. There are not many people who do not want clear, smooth skin. It makes you look healthier and more beautiful.

The best makeup artists can find ways to hide flaws and create a clear canvas for their work.

First, let’s know what skin type is. Overall skin

mature skin

After 35 or 40, the skin becomes mature i.e. gradually becomes loose or yellow.

Now you can identify your skin in this way. But here are some easy tips.

Normal skin

The green primer Rasiya counteracts redness from this acne.

The light purple color removes the counter tone, while the pink color complicates.

“If you later lubricate the primer, your skin can absorb your moisturizer.

Start with a clean and moist face. You should wash and dry your face before applying foundation.

If you have dry skin, apply moisturizer before applying foundation.

Because their color is complex.

The best way to find the perfect foundation is to match your skin

You can try using many different colors simultaneously. Will help you achieve a very natural look with the foundation.

Cool, warm or neutral this should be the same color as your foundation undertones, your foundation color.

Jewelry test

Try to see which jewelry you like on both sets of jewelry.

If both types of jewelry flatter your complexion, you have neutral undertones.

Finding the right makeup for girls with darker skin can be a challenge.

Makeup that enhances your beauty can give you confidence for a wonderful moment.

Highlight your nose by brushing a thin line under its bridge.

Fill in the area between the eyebrows with diagonal strokes.

Blend in the highlighter with your fingers. Tap or massage the highlighter in your skin.

You do not need to use too much force. There are many different reasons why people wear makeup and there is scientific evidence behind these reasons. Click here for more information


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5 signs of dehydrated skin

Dull Skin

Do you feel like no matter what you do, your skin still feels dehydrated? Dehydrated skin may be caused by things like pollution,

unhealthy diet and harsh detergents – and that is something you can fix! Find out 5 signs of dehydrated skin and what to do about it!

Does your skin look dull and grayish when you wake up? When your skin is dehydrated, the function that makes your skin shed the outer layer of dead skin cells is impaired.

This means a layer of dead skin cells is left on your skin which can give you a grayish complexion.

Looks oily but feels dry

Dehydrated skin has inadequate moisture retention. When your skin senses that it is losing moisture, it produces more oil to balance things out, trying to create a barrier that prevents water loss.

This means that you may have patches of dry skin with a layer of oil over it.


When your skin is dehydrated, the skin’s barrier doesn’t work like it’s supposed to and it has a harder time fighting off bacteria and pollution, among other things.

This can make your skin more sensitive to, well, everything – even products that your skin used to love!

Fine lines and wrinkles

If you look in the mirror one day and suddenly notice new wrinkles, it might not be signs of ageing – it might actually be that your skin is dehydrated! Like a fruit, when our skin loses its water,

it creases and becomes less bouncy and loses its youthful look.
Itchy or flaky

Air conditioning or really hot or cold weather saps moisture from your skin and can make it feel itchy or flaky.

The most important remedy for thirsty skin is moisture. Go all in with hydrating products that will make both you and your skin feel better.

Gentle Cleanser

Use a gentle, hydrating cleanser without alcohol.

Take care not to wash your skin too much because exposing your skin to hot water or harsh detergents several times a day can make your skin even more dehydrated.

Hydrating Masks

Boost your skins hydration and restore the glow with a hydrating mask! Hydrating masks can help restore the skins barrier with oils,

humectant and butters that bring moisture to the skin and provide a protective film that prevents moisture from seeping out.

Hyaluronic Acid

Use a moisturizing product containing hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid works miracles on your skin by attracting and retaining moisture,

which helps make it feel soft and plump again.

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Corona a truth

The corona epidemic is prevalent in the world today.

What causes the epidemic, where did it come from and why is it a matter of research, but in the present case, the world is terrified of corona. 

The situation is grim in many countries

The fear of the disease will continue until the right vaccine is found.   

Although there is currently no definitive cure for the condition, patients are being cured by other methods.

There appears to be a modified change in treatment methods but they are all predictable.

In the current treatment system, if the patient is cured then it is fine, otherwise death is certain.

People with high immunity recover faster. Immunity is lower in every person and with age, so a person over the age of 60 has to be more careful.

Currently, all agencies are working to address this situation, but it is clear that all agencies working day and night are government.

This means that only government agencies come to the rescue in times of crisis.

Now, however, the public and the government have a chance to understand that government agencies are better than private agencies or people. (Some exceptions)

So whatever industries or agencies are there, they should all be government.

At present, privatization is highly pretended, but Corona has exposed both private and government agencies,

proving that government agencies have been successful.

Corona taught a lot and is also obliged to learn.

Both science and superstition agency have become apparent.

That is, science is a government agency and superstition is a private agency.   Science has prevailed in this and superstition has proved ineffective.

Although Corona has caused panic in the society, but other diseases have been overcome.

During this time no one has got cold, cough or fever Corona is the reason for this.

Because at this time everyone was living at home,

stopped eating and drinking outside and we were saved from diseases caused by eating outside or in the open.

plus point

Before the coronas there used to be a rush of patients, but today you can see how uninhabited all the clinics are.

This is a plus point.

It has to be accepted that Corona has made the whole world pollution free today.

Pollution has caused a lot of damage from its effects on the environment and human life,

and has curbed the diseases caused by pollution.

This is possible with the corona.

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If the frequent sound of your baby’s crying has you on edge, take heart. By 4 months, you can look forward to another sound, possibly the sweetest you’ll ever hear — your baby’s laughter. The best part is how easily a baby laughs. Silly faces, tickling, and peek-a-boo are usually more than enough to set off lots of squeals and giggles.


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why smile



After two months of sleepless nights and round-the-clock soothing, you’ve seen plenty of your baby’s tears. Maybe you’ve spotted a fleeting smile, but then again, it could have been gas. Now it’s time for the real reward. By around 2 months of age, your baby will smile in response to you!  The sound of your voice or the sight of your face is often all it takes to trigger your baby’s irresistible grin.



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Cosmetics worldwide


The Egyptians cultivated beauty and first used it exceptionally.

Cosmetics are used to enhance natural beauty.

In ancient Egypt, henna and kohl were used as cosmetics.

Hence berries are used on the skin, lips and eyes.


Kohl’s makeup was made by mixing a black mineral called galana with animal fat and sulfur.

It created heavy lines around the eyes, protected the eyes from strong sunlight and served as a remedy to reduce eye inflammation.

The Egyptians had wrinkle treatments that used fresh Moringa and frankincense gum.

Use of natural cosmetics

The ax, sycamore juice and red ocher were used as ointments for burns and wounds.

Around 1400 BC, Queen Nefertiti used henna to turn her nails red and wore attractive designs on her face.

About 50 BC, Queen Cleopatra set up a cosmetics factory near the Dead Sea for her personal use.

Ancient Africans chewed licorice root sticks,

frankincense and herbs for better breath.

Eye beauty

In ancient Persia, kohl was used to deepen the edges of the eyelids.

Arab tribes that converted to Islam had banned cosmetics in some areas.

Today there are no restrictions and if they do, they use cosmetics not made from harmful substances.

A tenth-century teacher, Abu al-Qasim al-Zahravi, considered cosmetics a medical branch and called it “the medicine of beauty”.

His sermons mention perfume, incense and fragrance.

In China, Princess Jong, the daughter of Emperor Wu of Liu Song, started a new tradition because a plum flower fell on her forehead.

So increased her beauty and soon became a new trend.

In Japan, Kusum Kusum’s petals made lipstick and paint for eyebrows, eyes and lips.

Binsook wax sticks were used by Geisha as a base and to lighten the compound, bird droppings were used and Rice powder was used to color the face and eye sockets.

Long makeup

Serga 1600 BC, the Chinese aristocracy of the Shang Dynasty, paint their nails in an ebony or crimson color, using a mixture of gum Arabic, beeswax, egg white and gelatin.

The development of makeup has come a long way. New methods have been developed and old ones that were unhealthy have been removed.

So overall, the concept is the same.

The industry has developed ways to enhance beauty. Makeup is a way to remove imperfections and refine natural beauty.

Evolution is not over for the improvement of technique.

Today, companies are working hard to develop products that are even better.

They work to make it more convenient and eliminate common problems.

Kajal companies are constantly changing their formulas.

So that kajal can be used.

While eliminating clumps and also designing products that will last all day.

Companies are working to create products that address the signs of aging.

It enhances the self-esteem of women and sometimes men from all over the world and from all walks of life.

Many apply makeup every day to achieve a certain look, such as big eyes and lush eyelashes, plush lips and rosy cheeks.

There are many different styles. People want to look better and constantly strive to improve themselves.

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Various forms of cosmetics have been used for centuries to enhance beauty.

Promoting better health and religious rituals.

These products may have been used in the past for more practical reasons,

Such as protecting the skin from the sun, for beauty and establishing class.

Historically, people have changed their appearance and made their features more attractive,

Used the things they had.

It can be more as a living tool for young women


Those born with thin lashes to find a mate.

It was a belief that women with full eyelashes were more fertile and therefore a better partner.

Makeup was also used to highlight one’s position in society.

Makeup played a huge role in the eyes of ancient civilizations.

The Great Pharaoh wore eye makeup to increase his power

And women wore it to enhance their beauty.

It was a symbol of power and prestige. Makeup has not changed in modern times.

Those who are not in power will have to wear makeup to gain respect.

However, many people living in Limelight wear makeup almost everywhere.

She has created a personality through makeup

They wear it whether they are going to the grocery store or they are going to a movie.


These days those people have to wear makeup in front of the camera,

Who want to see themselves on the big screen – including men and women.

The makeup may have changed from hazardous to hazardous materials to safe products, but the overall concept has not changed.

People are changing the way they look for generations
To become more attractive, to increase his stature in society and to feel better about himself.

The positive thing about makeup is that it does not physically change your look.

In Thailand, metal rings are grown around the neck of some children every year,

So that eventually it can enlarge their neck.

In some African tribes, circles are placed on people’s lips to increase the size of their lips.

In the US, cosmetic procedures are performed each day to replace everything from lips, eyes, nose, buttocks, and waist.

Makeup can change the face without any physical changes.

The issue of makeup is still debated among feminists.

However, most believe that women should either decide to wear makeup without feeling inferior or have the right to not.

There is a perception that the cosmetics industry portrays a negative message,

Which means that women need to hide their flaws or be “fixed”.

People worry that younger women wear makeup, sending the wrong message to the younger generation.

When women are doing makeup, it is difficult for them

How do they do their work?

For example, a student gets a zit the day before the big audition for a school play.

This student may decide not to participate,

Fearing that this zit would be noticeable and would make them appear ugly.

However, if they use some concealer and foundation,

So they will not worry about the zit and instead focus on nailing the audition.

Most of the time, younger adults experience the greatest number of acne outbreaks.

Use makeup
By using makeup, they are able to hide their flaws, so that it does not make them feel inferior.

When they do not do justice to their flaws, they begin to believe in themselves.

Later in life, they will likely not combine their makeup with a sense of self-acceptance.

They will simply believe that they truly deserve the attention and admiration of others, because that is what they are.

There is a common misconception today that men do not like women who wear makeup, because they see them as being fake.

The British Parliament passed a law in 1770 that made makeup a crime and became synonymous with witchcraft.

He mentioned how men were fascinated by a fake notion of how women were represented.

However, these days, there are many men who prefer women to wear makeup, who do not.

Studies have shown that women wearing makeup in a social setting are more likely than those who do not.

Those who are not wearing makeup.

Men today are using more makeup than in the past.

Concealer and foundations that hide flaws, men are more liked today.

Makeup is a unisex operation that benefits some men.

Especially those who like women more.

However, there is no clear evidence that,

Most men will start using makeup as much as women.

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History of cosmetics

Cosmetics-of-history: Using different forms of cosmetics to enhance beauty over the centuries,

Promoting better health and religious rituals.

The Great Pharaoh wore eye makeup to increase his power

And women wore it to enhance their beauty.

Cosmetic products

Cosmetic products have sometimes evolved from the use of hazardous and hazardous materials,

But the overall concept of using makeup has not changed.

People have been changing the way they look for generations.

To become more attractive, increase your stature in society

And to feel better about themselves.

The positive thing about makeup is that it does not physically change your look.

In ancient Egypt both men and women masked their body odor

And used ointments and aromatic oils to soften their skin.

Natural substances like: thyme, myrrh, marjoram, lavender, lily, peppermint, chamomile, rosemary, rose, aloe and cedar

And oils such as sesame, almond and olive oil, were used to make perfumes.

Oils and creams were used to protect people’s skin from strong sunlight and dry winds.

Oil and cream

Castor oil was probably used as a balm.

Used to protect lips and skin and in many skin creams.

Women in Egypt use Galina Mesdemate –

A bright green paste, made of ore, copper and malachite –

On his face, his eyes were almond shaped for definition and color.

In ancient Egypt, women used a combination of oxidized copper, burnt almonds, copper-colored ore, ash, lead, and ocher.

In ancient China, people used gum arabic, wax, eggs, and gelatin to stain their nails;

This would represent their social class. The lower classes were not able to wear nail color.

Ancient greece women

Ancient Grecian women used white lead to cover their faces

And then used crushed mulberry as a blush.

They used oxen hair for fake eyebrows and used rice powder to whiten the faces of Japanese and Chinese citizens.

Henny dyes had cut facial hair, black teeth and eyebrows.

Lead powder or chalk was used by the Grechians with their face white and red iron to ocher clay as lipstick and barley flour and butter were used by the Romans to cover / treat the pimples.

They used lamb fat and blood to paint their nails.

Mud baths became popular with the Romans

And some men got their hair blonde.

In Elizabethan England, people dyed their hair red.

He also used egg whitening spread on his face,

So that a peller complex can be created.

In Europe cosmetics were used by aristocrats.

France and Italy started manufacturing cosmetics.

At the time of Elizabethan considered the blonde to be “angelic”.

They used to mix alum, black sulfur and honey and dry the hair after coloring it.

To create a youthful look for middle-aged women in Edwardian Society

Pressures lead to increased use of cosmetics.

Acceptance and popularity began to increase.

Max Faktore (later renamed Max Factor).

Moved from Poland to Los Angeles in the early twentieth century

And she started producing and selling her makeup line,

Which was very popular because it was not a cake on the skin or cracks.

Movie stars

Many movie stars used it,

Because it worked very well under hot studio lights.

By the 1920s, the cosmetics industry was growing and advertising spending had increased dramatically.

In 1927, it was around $ 390,000 and increased to $ 3.2 million by 1930.

Tube Kajal made its way into the 1950s mainstream.

During the late 1960s and early 1970s, a second wave of feminism swept across the United States.

Feminists insist on women abandoning any such thing,

Allowed them to subdue men.

Many women wore makeup to advance in the workplace.

This gave him the edge he needed to take more seriously.

Cosmetics companies

Some people use cosmetics companies’ marketing techniques and

Are important for the genderization of women.

Apart from using cosmetics for strength and wooing they are used to cover skin blemishes and build confidence.

Some men, especially those in the public sector, also to improve their appearance

Use of cosmetics.

A beauty makeup artist performs a variety of tasks.

Fashion or media

Many work in the fashion or media industries, looking for models, presenters and artists.

They can work on makeup for actors for films, television, theater, photo shoots and concerts.

A makeup artist will listen to the needs of their customers and then work to create such a look.

Which enhances their natural beauty and works well with their hair and other factors.

It may be important to understand how lighting affects the look of makeup.

Makeup artists will usually talk with the client,

So that they can make sure they understand what they are going for and then make it for them.

However, once an artist is working with a client for a while.

They may know what to do for them without any direction.

As a beauty makeup artist, to give you makeup tips,

One will experience an array of responsibilities, from advice to product recommendations.

You have to know the most popular brands and department store brands.


How to use different application techniques and different types of makeup

You will need to know this.

This means that you need to use those products and techniques

Those you cannot use individually.

The more you know, the better.

Not all people will look good in all colors and you have to know how to effectively determine

Which colors work and which ones to stay away from.

This means that you get the maturity of the client’s personal skin,

One has to know enough to be able to apply makeup for the skin type and face shape. Because a makeup artist performs in such extensive venues.

A beauty makeup artist can get paid by the hour or by the project.

So it is difficult to reduce the salary limit.

It is hard to say how much you can make Because all these jobs are for you.

What do you charge and how much do you push yourself.

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