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Welcome to health and beauty

Health is beauty and beauty is life.

We are trying to tell you that life is incomplete without beauty.

But it is important that this beauty should be tan or it should be healthy in mind.

For this, racing is already going on all over the world.


Nature teaches you how to be beautiful and how to look beautiful.

But how to live according to different temperatures, as well as conditions are completely dependent on you and we are trying to inform you.

Proper use of makeup can create a clear and skin tone.

No matter what kind of makeup artistry you find yourself in, you need to learn.

Today makeup artists are working in any field.

They work in the media to get people in front of the camera.

Some work in the fashion industry, some make models for magazines and shows

While others work in salons.

Some people prepare for weddings and

Use makeup for some other important events to give feedback to others

And to make us feel good about ourselves is done to enhance the appearance of our characteristics

Because, as an artist painting, it is important to make sure.

That the makeup artist painted a beautiful painting on the face.


Beauty is life, without beauty life is of no importance. Beauty is important whether it is body or health.
The whole world is running after beauty.

Proper application of face makeup can create the perception of clear and perfect skin.

This is a skill you need to learn, whether you own or explore the makeup artistry of others.

Today, makeup artists work in any field.

They work in the media to prepare people in front of the camera. Some work in the fashion industry, producing models for magazines and shows.

Others work in salons and prepare people for weddings and other important events.

To iterate, makeup is used to enhance the look of our features for the purpose of giving feedback in others and making us feel good about ourselves.

However, as an artist paints a painting, it is important to ensure that the makeup artist paints a beautiful portrait on the face.

This is why learning effective techniques is so important.

In this next part, we will begin to look at various makeup techniques and see why they have been applied.

Why do people wear mascara? The answer is that it is the texture of the eyes and then the overall appearance.


Foundation primer is suitable for all beauty and skin.

The primer reduces oily skin and smooths quickly. Also, it helps to retain skin moisture for a long time, which definitely benefits dry skin as well.

But a famous artist does not finger.

It is very difficult to create a masterpiece without the proper tools.

Even for accurate and clean makeup application one should invest in some good cosmetic brushes.

When we heard about the best makeup brushes in the beauty lab, it was observed that synthetic brushes are almost always superior to their natural fiber counterparts, and they are more economical, easier to clean and allergy-friendly.

Use foundation brush to apply foundation.

foundation brush

foundation brush is a large makeup brush that has rounded edges.

Using a brush will apply your foundation to your face consistently and easily.

To avoid saturating the brush, place only the foundation at the tip of the brush.

Be sure to rinse the brush after each application to keep it clean and tidy.

Apply the foundation starting at the center of your face. Start at the center of your face and mix the foundation outside and top.

Continue to apply until your entire face is covered and mixed evenly.

If you are using two different shades of foundation on your face, first apply a lighter tone, then a darker tone, and then using a brush blend them together where they meet.

Regarding the skin, Purdis says, “Prime to prime is a crime.” “This has been my career-long mantra.

It helps streamline your foundation, leaving your skin flawless.” And it’s not just Purdis.

Celebrity makeup artist Charlie Green says that finer primers are important in keeping oil at bay while filling in fine lines and providing a smooth canvas for your foundation.

Oily skin

Greasy and unctuous are what beauty woes are made of, especially for oily skin. A glossy sheen on your hair and nails could be an axiom of magic, but certainly not appreciated on the face. We got in touch with founders of some popular skincare brands to know the best skincare to deal with oily skin and here’s what the beauty world insiders had to say.

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